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What makes YTS / YIFY movie torrents different from others?

YIFY is an official source for YTS YIFY Movies Torrent, you can download direct movies and watch if streaming link available under the watch online heading. YIFY update site on daily bases and arrange best yify torrent for you in 3D, 720p and 1080p formats

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YIFY Torrents is a website known for providing movies online for free download. The website uses the popular BitTorrent protocol which is also followed by other popular torrent sites like extratorrents and rarbg. YIFY is the go-to website for downloading movies. It eventually became famous as YTS which is abbreviated to YIFY Torrent Solutions.

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What attracted a large user base is that the quality of the movies were maintained for a much smaller size of files. This character of yify made it so popular that yify is the first thought when talking about downloading movies for free.

YIFY also lets users choose which resolution (yify 1080p, yify 720p) they want the movie in, and the corresponding yify torrent file will be ready for download. The smooth and attractive interface also puts it first in the competition. You search for the movie and a separate page shows up that has the details of the movie like the imDB rating, the synopsis of the movie, the movie posters etc., along with multiple download options each dedicated to different resolutions of the movies. As mentioned earlier, yify provides movies in high definition in a much smaller size of file than it would normally take.

In 2015, the website was shut down by MPAA, but yify proxies exist using the same database as that of the yify official torrents.

The MPAA said YIFY’s website – now called YTS – existed “for the sole purpose of distributing motion pictures on a massive scale.”

The website was build by Yiftach Swery while he was in University studying Computer Science. Initially he uploaded them all to The Pirate Bay, later on the brand was so frequently visited and hence a website was launched in 2011. It was blocked from all ISPs in UK and hence, proxies of the site came to the rescue.

Yiftach Swery retired from encoding and management in 2014 and handed them to the already existing staff. In October 2015, a law suit was filed on Yiftach reporting the site for sharing copyrighted content for free. Yiftach showed no resistance and shut down the site officially. In the famous subreddit on reddit AMA, he expressed that he never intended to resist and thought it was fair to stop when someone asks you properly.

“I never really saw this as a criminal thing to be honest,” the former pirate said during a recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session on Reddit. “I was always of the mindset that I was filling a niche. It all started just as a ‘for fun’ thing, I never really thought anything of the ordeal when I started uploading in 2010. I essentially just went along for the ride as the YIFY name grew. I guess what I am trying to say is, I wasn’t smart enough to think ahead of what the consequences could be in the future.”

“It’s a fact, and it will continue to happen. You cannot beat it. What they can do, is make their services good enough that piracy will be less relevant. That’s how they will win.”

This was also referred several times on the yify reddit subreddit page.

The term YIFY was in its lifetime popularity from 2013 until its shutdown in 2015.

Although the site has been officially shut down, it was nowhere mentioned or reported that the database of YIFY was erased permanently, so it can be said that most of the YIFY proxies that exist today could possibly be running on the same database as that of the original one.

YIFY Index Page

One of the ways you can get access to the files is by using the index page. The index page shows a list of direct download links of whatever you are looking for. YIFY index page shows a list of the only YIFY provided links. A simple search of index of <movie-name> yify leads you to a simple page of all links related to that movie. As already mentioned, these links are directly downloadable and do not need a BitTorrent application to be seeded and downloaded. This is popular among countries where the official site and even all the proxies are blocked.

Why YIFY was Blocked?


Websites like YIFY provide content for free, usually these are all copyrighted content and obviously, it is a crime to share copyright content. That is what piracy is all about. As the website gained popularity over time, it got a lot of attention from a lot of people. As user base tremendously increased, it got noticed by a lot of organizations and eventually fell in the sight of the governments. So the site is blocked from most governments and Internet Service Providers. Even though the site exists on the server, the access to that server will be blocked by all the ISPs within that government. There were hardships faced by this torrent site just like all other popular ones, after a few years from its release, YIFY / YTS was shut down. But still, the fans and the community developed other websites and managed to make them work as mirror to the original website. Not all were successful, but ultimately people found an alternative to keep movie busy and to develop their interest and passion for the movie world.

Understanding proxies and mirror sites

If you’re wondering what exactly proxy sites do, proxy websites run on different servers, which automatically help you by hiding the IP address and providing you access to various websites that appear to be blocked in your country. Proxies and mirror sites are two slightly different things. Mirror sites are the ones that are just clones of the original site meaning they just act as backup in case the original goes banned. Everything is similar, the style, the user interface and also the way the site functions. Most often, the databases are also same, which means everything you find on the original site can also be found on the mirror site. As a user it doesn’t seem to make much difference, it looks pretty much the same from the user end.

YIFY proxies

Continuous attempts have been made by the fans/community side to get the site online again mostly by creating proxy sites. Most often the extension of the site is changed. These proxies are hosted on different servers and attempts are made to keep these sites up and running. It should be noted that not one of these sites can be considered as an actual clone of the original website, although there could be sites that replicated very well and have the database that would include all that the original database had, if not, it could have more my merging databases of different sites. These sites could be reached out for downloads but can never be considered as a real resurrection or a clone.

If YIFY is blocked by your government/ISP, you can use YIFY proxies/ YIFY mirror sites. These sites are the duplicates of the original website which contain the clone of library of files or that of another site’s database except that it is not blocked. It is highly unlikely for the original website to be unblocked once blocked by any government. Moreover, because it has been voluntarily shut down by the founders themselves, there won’t be strong support or any much of stability for the proxy sites. Although the proxy sites may take a little longer to load, the quality of files and the maintenance is assured.

Using an YIFY proxy server or a mirror site adds and extra layer of security and if you also add a VPN to the mix, then you can navigate any website with no worries 😎😎😎

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