What Is A Reverse / Forward Proxy & NGINX/Apache Reverse Proxy | Nginx vs Apache

Forward & Reverse Proxy Servers

Its another type of protection server to make you hide form attackers with high performance and reliability.

We already discussed in previous topics about proxy benefits and how it works. Its just Its act as a intermediate to safe your internet history or identity to trackers. 

In this we are discussing two different proxy servers…

  1. Forward proxy
  2. Reverse proxy

What Is A Forward Proxy

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Its is used by client to bypass all rules done to unblocked sites under school, public, work etc. Here if your trying to unblock any blocked sites by hiding your identity that sites are blocked an IP range from visiting the website at in the range trying to unblock the site that is possible only with forward proxy server.

But here there higher chances to get detected by site owner, try to use some paid servers by this you can hide your identity because they change your IP every time you visit a new page with this you can be high secure and safe mode.

By using this you can enjoy more and more benefits like cache server in an internal network.

Also in history its one best and most popular site under 1990s.

Example Of Forward Proxy Servers: HTTP proxy, SOCKS proxy and 100+ free web proxy sites.

What Is A Reverse Proxy

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Another Free 200+ Anonymous HTTPS Proxy server helps to provide Plus abstractions and smooth surfing in internet without any disturbance between client and servers.

It is exact reverse operation to forward proxy, because this server directly placed In-front of a group of client computers, In this step, those computers make a requests to sites and service on the internet that improves the efficiency at that time those proxy sites intercepts those requests and then communication according to behalf of server. Implemented as just dedicated and Providing a standard content to end users.

This is also called as Gateway server.

NGINX Reverse Proxy

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Here you get a idea on how to pass a request from docker nginx reverse proxy to proxy site over different protocols also required modified users to proxy servers, Now configure the buffering of response get from proxy site. If you want to run as web server which most common application got.

Nginx reverse proxy docker is completely act as a intermediary proxy to identifies and receive the requests from users, after receiving users request it automatically passes it on to one or two servers and if any servers accepts its request subsequently deliver the servers response back to user.

While most common applications are able to run as web server on their own, the reverse proxy nginx web server is able to provide a number of advanced features such as load balancing, TLS/SSL capabilities and acceleration that most specialized applications lack. By using a Nginx  apache reverse proxy all applications can benefit from these features. iis reverse proxy.

Apache Reverse Proxy:

apache reverse proxy
And the suspense is Apache httpd also act as a reverse proxy server shortly named as a “Gateway server”.

Also Niginx have to place in front of an Apache web servers, its great support to get a permission and it allow both web servers little gather and making insert in each to do what they do best.

Niginx helps to make a better performance in delivering a standard content over Apache. They are many clients like to get a unique content with the help of backend Apache server. By this can get a best optimize the wanted delivery of assets based on their requested type.

Also can make many extra serve cached contents and perform SSL forward proxy encryption to take a heavy burden off the web server with the help of reverse proxies.

SSL Forward Proxy

SSL the best security wall to all websites, which Decrypt SSL divert to external sites, it functions as an SSL forward proxy. Use an SSL Forward Proxy decryption policy to decrypt and inspect SSL/TLS traffic from internal users to the web. SSL Forward Proxy decryption prevents malware concealed as SSL encrypted traffic from being introduced into your corporate network by decrypting the traffic so that the firewall can apply decryption profiles and security policies and profiles to the traffic.
In SSL Forward Proxy decryption, the firewall is a man-in-the-middle between the internal client and the external server. The firewall uses certificates to transparently represent the client to the server and to transparently represent the server to the client, so that the client believes it is communicating directly with the server (even though the client session is with the firewall), and server believes it is communicating directly with the client (even though the server session is also with the firewall). The firewall uses certificates to establish itself as a trusted third party (man-in-the-middle) for the client-server session (for details on certificates,  Keys and Certificates for Decryption Policies

Nginx vs Apache which is best for 2019 ?

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Today running popular web servers are two Apache and NGINX providing completely open source, But have to select only one server, and don’t search that how to select which one have to choose. Also can run both on the same virtual machine when hosting under multiple websites. But most use different hosting or IP or Port numbers.

If you wanna use one best on. Here its makes you simple by comparison.

I hope my article on this subject make you complete clarity about choosing on best server (Apache/Nginx).

In this you can complete details about choosing under performance Static content, OS support, security, flexibility, documentation, and support.

Such servers you will find only in some good hosting providers in the market. Check out this channel to get some idea!

Nginx VS Apache Reverse Proxy Performance


Static Content Static Content” “Reverse Proxy”

According to Apache, NGINX performs more than 2.5 times faster but consumed slightly less memory. NGINX is best if you serve lots of concurrent in content

Synology OS Reverse Proxy

Compare with NGINX, Apache works with all facilities of unix and completely supports to MS windows Also easy to work, but NGINX run lesser than Apache and support less. In this if you want to use in MS prefer to Apache.

Reverse Proxy Security

Coming to track record both have an excellent security for there C-board code base. But small similarity between them, NGINX code is not a much big. Profitable bonus security points are available in only Apache 2.2 and 2.4 like plus, vulnerability, DDOS attack handling and Mod_evasive module.

But you can also find supportive resources for on DDOD on the NGINX Server.

Nginx Reverse Proxy Documentation


In this you and i can tie with documentation offering great achievement.

Reverse Proxy Support


In this both support to all Mailing lists, IRC and stack Overflow.

Coming with Apache commercial support for third party companies but no official.

coming to NGINX commercial names as NGINX plus support more futures like Apache offers user support via mailing lists, IRC, and Stack Overflow. Paid Apache support comes via third-party companies like OpenLogic, but there isn’t an official list of these to select from. NGINX community support mirrors Apache’s, and there is also a forum. The company behind NGINX sells a commercial product called NGINX Plus, which supports a set of additional features that cover load-balancing, media streaming, and monitoring.

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So.........Nginx vs Apache Overview

If your website running with high-traffic then owner need to serve a lot of media streams will with NGINX or if possible try to use both.  Hosting should be LINUX hosting.

For static content NGINX is powerful but for not in Dynamic content, Also in different manner in latest updates like reverse proxy servers.




There are many useless servers which expose the identity to trackers. so, malicious clients cannot access them with complete interest to explore any vulnerabilities. But reverse proxy servers are not like they gives you complete protection and include features that help you get more speed and distributed denial of service attacks.


IIS reverse proxy

This presentation use to modify the structure of Pre-set URL’s but it will be hide accurate displayed videos, images, CSS style-sheets and more.

Nginx Reverse Proxy Profits

Its very simple to perform load balancing with clients requests and easy to hide from scenario also can get redundancy to make perfect hiding. There are more than 400 millions websites prefer to work with Nginx because its proves content quickly, reliably, and securely at any time. Any Nginx will be in same capacity either paid or free


Forward Proxy vs Reverse Proxy

Forward proxy(Paid) used by client (Web browser) to bypass all firewall restriction but mainly use under IP range from visiting the website can hide easily. Reverse proxy is used by admin server(web server) and unknown proxy this is rarely used by admins because hard to find out users and to use, its also can referred as …..

Forward Proxy vs Reverse Proxy v1.0 220x162
forward and reverse proxies

Solutions Reverse Proxy Reverse proxy server

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