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Our Team picked the best Rarbg Proxies For You

Ever since its launch in 2008, it has faced a lot of issues. Late in 2008, it was blocked for a week. Later on, when the user base was rapidly increasing, it got a lot of attention and was subsequently blocked from governments and ISPs of mass user based countries such as India, the UK, and UAE.

Can’t access RARBG? Lookup Here We Suggested A Best Solution

Peer flooding

As you might have already been aware there are companies who are exploiting utorrent/bittorrent mainline and slowing down your downloads. This method is called “peer flooding”. Its affecting all versions of utorrent and bittorrent mainline clients. If you are using these clients – for now we recommend you to switch to another client until its resolved by the developers of utorrent.

PirateSnoop Browser

Alpha release of PirateSnoop Browser that unblocks blocked sites is out! Please all you people that are blocked test it out and comment !

Fake torrents

Recently it has been brought to our attention that people are uploading fake torrents with our .txt in them , saying they are from our site. We have nothing to do with those uploads. Remember – if its not uploaded on our site its not uploaded by us. Always look for reputable and verified uploaders on other sites that mirror our torrents.

Our Team As suggested Latest And Updated Proxies/Mirror Sites For RARBG Torrent

Given suggested RARBG proxy/mirror sites. These sites are hosted from different locations where RARBG is working yet. By this, you can get access in blocked countries by using some steps.

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Why is rarbg the most reliable?

The reason why RARBG is one of the most reliable is that for any torrent you are looking for, multiple seeders are providing the magnet links to be downloaded. As most sites don’t provide games, rarbg games are most widely searched. Also, the subtitles for all the rarbg movies are available for download.

It is to be noted that everything downloaded from these torrent sites is illegal. Which is why the popular torrent sites are blocked in the first place.

Usually people end up finding movies on any site for free. The struggle is when they have to look for games or either softwares. A lot of sites promise to provide links for all kinds of stuff but they end up being fake/spam. Only very few torrent sites provide mirror links for all kinds, be it games, softwares, adult content, etc.,

RARBG Neat And Clean Interface

If you are someone who uses torrent sites a lot, you would already know that most of them are all filled with advertisements all over the page. Annoying pop-ups and deceiving fake links are also placed as ads on the page. This is not the case with rarbg. Not a single ad is placed on the rarbg site or any of its proxies or mirror links. The interface is simple with the navigation vertical bar on the left side where you can choose Movies, TV, Games, Anime, Books, Software, XXX, Adult/Porn, Pictures, and Music. Rarbg search bar is also available to directly search for your required torrent.

Why should you use rarbg when you can find alternative that provide the same service?

The answer is pretty simple. Even though there are a few sites that provide similar service, the quality and the properness is compromised in those websites. Most of the times in those sites, you will have to repeatedly toggle between the original sites and the popups. The redirecting pages are a nightmare. It becomes very frustrating to interact with those sites.

In the case of rarbg, the following qualities of it make it very user friendly and classy.

Also, the number of seeders providing the links to whatever you want to download is more which means you can understand through the number whether or not the given link is reliable.

Users also get an interface to write comments on whether the quality is good or not, if it is a spam etc, which makes it easier for people to know which one to prefer the most.

Rarbg Proxie

Continuous attempts will be made from the site side staff to get the site online again mostly by creating proxy sites. Most often the extension of the site is changed i.e., whatever comes after www.rarbg. changes. Such as rarbg com, rarbg me, rarbg xxx, rarbg to. These proxies are hosted on different servers and attempts are made to keep these sites up and running.

If RARBG is blocked by your government/ISP, you can use rarbg proxies/ rarbg mirror sites. These sites are the duplicates of the original website which contain the same library of files except that it is not blocked. It is highly unlikely for the original website to be unblocked once blocked by any government. Although the proxy sites may take a little longer to load, the quality of files and the maintenance is assured.

Rarbg index page

One of the ways you can get access to the files is by using the index page. The index page shows a list of direct download links of whatever you are looking for. Rarbg index page shows a list of the only rarbg provided links.

How to unblock the RARBG website?

Rarbg torrents can be accessed through rarbg pirates linked below:

The following are the fully functioning rarbg working proxies and mirror links to access the rarbg site:


Links to the proxy sites of RAABG

Other Partially Working or Slow Rarbg proxy List 2019:


The above sites only provide the torrent files These are mostly magnet links that need to be opened in an application and then seeded to be downloaded onto your device. uTorrent provides an application used around the globe for all kinds of torrent file downloads. The links to the directly downloadable files can only be found in index file pages as mentioned earlier in the article.

How Torrents Work ?

The way torrents work is that there are seeders and then there are leaches. Seeders provide the links for direct download for whatever torrent you are looking for and Leechers are those who download them, you can notice once you download the file and complete seeding, the upload speed increases and data is consumed even after the download, this is because of the application then uses your file as a seed for other leechers to download. Most often you would want to download the link with maximum seeders and leechers because that is the one which is mostly shared and hence, the most reliable.

These links bypass the block and let you access the site. The torrent files/ mirror links can be found for any given language considering that seeders are providing the links as peer-to-peer sharing.  

I hope this article has been useful for you to understand what proxy sites are, and also to find alternate sites to those which are blocked. As mentioned, the status of the proxy sites provided becomes questionable with time.




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