Location Finder Mistakes and Solutions to Fix Them

So readers today we are going to talk about one of the most important topics related to our personal security related to our phone. Well, none of you will enjoy it if you are lost or stranded in the middle of nowhere trying to look for directions and solutions to get out of that place. Try putting yourself in a situation where there is no one even to guide you the directions and it’s a fact; even if you are visiting a foreign country with a completely different language then you cannot simply ask for directions even if there are hundreds of people around you at that time.

Location Finder Mistakes

So when your GPS is active and reliable, then you have nothing to worry about even if you are bin this type of situation. Sometimes quick directions can save you from being lost but the best part of acting like you own the place is to know the place and you can only do so by just using your GPS. Android phones especially have made GPS service even better than ever.  Today this technology is reliable but sometimes there are some errors which can pose some difficulties for you!

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Encountering problems with the location!

When your reliable location tool gets faulty, then we should find a way to encounter and get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. The problem can be simply anything beyond your expertise, the android GPS might stop working or the GPS might show a wrong location that is completely different from actually where you are! Today we will talk about the different solutions that we can use to solve these issues, especially for the road trip you are planning ahead. You must also know that the question, what is my IP? It is very important in situations like these!

What is my IP? is the question you should ask yourself if you have used a public Wi-Fi service recently! This is the most common case while traveling somewhere outside, and you easily trust bad public Wi-Fi’s which in result mess with your phone’s location and other tools. Now you can get the answer of what’s my IP and location by using the option of check my IP and clearing it out with the duplichecker.com, and the duplichecker.com is one of the best sites which provide location accessing tools!

Solutions for the problem!

These are some of the solutions and precautions you must take before starting your trip so that you have a handful of tips and tricks before getting into a mess like this!

Toggle your GPS!

So the first solution you guys can use is also the easiest one on the list. The quickest way to solve the issue is the toggle the GPS a few times so that it can get a chance to refresh itself after being used with an unreliable connection! You can simply drag the notification bar and you will see the location tool widget on the pane. You can simply toggle it a few times and your problem will be solved. Try using a secure data connection while doing so!

Toggle the airplane mode!

This is the second solution that is proposed by many people stuck in this problem. You can use the toggling the airplane mode option to help yourself solve the issue of location access. You must switch the airplane mode on and wait for around half a minute before turning it off. This will easily refresh your phone’s location, and the GPS will start showing the right location!

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Removing your phone’s protection case!

This is yet another solution that can help you solve the location finder issue. Sometimes your phone can be affected by the heavy cover you are using to protect your phone. Now obviously in cases like these, it won’t hurt to remove the cover for your own good.

Using location finder tools!

This is yet another, and the last solution we have for our readers today. You can easily use the above-mentioned tips and even if you don’t get the location right, you can simply look for a location finder tool and use it to know what my IP is? now when you know your last IP, you can easily put it in to search for your current location!

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