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VPN (virtual private network)

What is VPN?

NordVPN founded in year of 2012 by “Four Childhood Friends” its a kind of secure provider which keeps as a anonymous on web browsing. Now compare with other VPN servers, NordVPN user’s are increasing blindly only because on trust on the service. One of the best servers that creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network. Mostly users to protocols to encrypt internet data at the sending end and decrypt it at the receiving. Means VPN allows anyone to spin out their own servers with complete protection from Government, Hackers, ISP and Corporate’s.  Visit below fig for brief.

How VPN Works ?

Before knowing How Does NordVPN work, Let see NordVPN strengthens & security levels, Recently Nord company has announced that the infiltrator wasn’t able to access any data from NordVPN. From now they don’t want to insert compromised server’s and activity logs, ID password or username. Their seen many hackers trying to blast encryption keys that could be used to stage on decryption browsing history, its happened on past some customers. But whole Nord was not hacked now its perfectly on safe and they started with advanced techniques and ultra secure modes. NordVPN is taking ultra speed steps to ensure customers that, they permenatly promised on providing secure and ultra speed access to the internet.


A Virtual private network (VPN) allow user’s to connect to any other browsing web over world wide. 

Example: You’r from United states want to connect with INDIAN branch right now secretly. Here You’re trying to hide your browsing history and from ISP or Government. Now step 1. Switch ON NordVPN Step2: Use your browser as usually. Simple and easiest way that providing Nord VPN for there user’s.
By this two simple steps you can hide your Identity and surfing like a 

Here VPN is a client server architecture means there are number of VPN clients and VPN servers, Now For different user’s nord connect different servers while this process you can extend as a private surfing on internet. This servers automatically runes on your gadget like Laptop, Desktop, Androids and Mac.

Its a similar process to all VPN user’s but why NordVPN best to use & prefer. NordVPN always connect with best virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated PC’s or devices or with tunneling protocols.  More over we observe brand exceptional set of functionality, high security and privacy standards. 

And the latest feature, Wifisec-NordVPN means whenever you connect to Wi-Fi it automatically initiate a VPN to keep more secure and it notifies you secured or unsecured wifi network. By using this server you can unblock more than 150 streaming website at a same time like  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime and other popular websites which named as “smartplay“.

“Nord vpn is wee-rounded service that gives you access to geo-blocked content , streaming services and more. Also , it does so while strongly hide your privacy and giving with maximum SECURITY levels” Best for desktop for Windows, macOS, and Linux, mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as an application for Android TV. You can setup Manual that available for wireless routers, NAS devices and many platforms.


NordVPN features

  • Superfast servers
  • Excellent server locations
  • Double Data Encryption
  • No logs
  • No More Restrictions
  • Global Product Testing
  • Reliable encryption
  • Ultra speed Get
  • 24/7 support
  • Awards & Quality Certificates

What are the benefits of NordVPN?


  • Reliable encryption, now no need worry about your surfing history or anything because NordVPN secures your data with military-grade encryption.
  • Compare with other VPN’s its very simple and easy Connect. Just give a tab on Quick connect button and algorithm will find the best possible servers to make a perfect secure and speedy server for you at that moment.
  • Its impossible to track your browse details  Because no one is. With NordVPN, only you know the websites you visit. Your online data is securely encrypted leaving any threats out of sight.
  • Ultra speed moreover NordVPN offerring servers in 59 countries, assuring fast and reliable VPN connection anytime and anywhere. 
  • There are many servers in NordVPN which is best of Torrenting. 
  • Servers: 5100 
  • Countries: 62 
  • Simultaneous connections/devices – 6 
  • Kill switch: Yes 
  • Trial: 30-day refund guarantee. 
  • Supported Devices: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux & More


  •  On 2018 NordVPN published, that one of there server was breached in 2018 March, exposing some of the browsing habits of customers who were using the VPN service to keep their data private. NordVPN says the server, located in Finland, did not contain activity logs, usernames, or passwords.
  • Torrenting only supported on some servers.
  • Can’t get ultra speeds in Malaysia.
  • OpenVPN configuration isn’t user-friendly. 

About NordVPN

From starting(2012) to now every second they had protected millions of there users , This complete credit goes to “Four childhood friends”, because this stated by them. On May 2016, NordVPN presented an Android app, and same year published an iOS app in June . In October 2017, published a new browser extension for Google Chrome. In June 2018, upgraded to any Android TV. Under this two year they had a big success on June 2018, NordVPN entered with more than 4,000 servers in 62 countries. Almost they worked hard to show there secure service. In November 2018, it became the FIRST OFFICIAL CyberSecurity partner of Liverpool F.C.

This status you can see in blog post they published regarding this on october 21 2019, you can see complete story on stating that a server was hacked in march 2018. This is complete confirmed by influencer’s. The hacker in question would have been able to see what websites users were visiting at the time. Despite NordVPN knowing about the breach “for months”, they didn’t disclose the problem immediately because they wanted to audit the rest of their systems.

The vulnerability was only present in one server and it was due to the datacenter installing a remote access system on the server without disclosing it to NordVPN. The server was vulnerable from January 31 to March 20, 2018.

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NordVPN: Best VPN Fast, Secure & Unlimited

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