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1337x is a website that provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. 1337x was founded in 2007 and gained popularity in 2018 right after the other competitor went down. 1337x was the sixth most popular torrent website as of Jul 2015. Can't access 1337x? 1337x.to is blocked in many countries. Don't worry because in this guide you can learn Here how to get complete 1337X access anonymously....

1337x.to change domain to 1337xto.to, if 1337x.to domain is blocked for you try to use https://www.1377x.to/

Fast and Reliable

One more best server which provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol based in the USA, India, UK..... and is on a gigabit network.The service is also optimized for rapid browsing without any bandwidth limit or geo-restriction.

Highly Secured

1337X connection is encrypted with a 128 / 256 Bit SSL at all times when using our service to provide optimum privacy. We always deliver the content of websites to you over an encrypted ssl/https connection hence protecting your privacy.Moreover we have special mechanisms in place to prevent filters from blocking our website.

User Friendly

1337x is a community based torrent website. You can either use the quick brownse buttons to access your favorite websites or type the URL of the site you wish to proxy and click on Surf.Anonymous and unrestricted browsing is just a click away. Also can unblock any Popular websites in one click..

1337x proxy {100%Verified} Listed Here 1337x Proxy/Mirror sites

Can’t access 1337x? Getting error on site still Are you searching for other best torrent sites or interested on 1337x Proxy/Mirror Sites? If your response is yes.. then your are in right place we heard lot of issues where user’s are facing on internet. Here we are to solve your issue without using any applications, script or tools. With my guide within seconds you can get access and we provide you step by step guide on How to access any loved or blocked sites just on one click…Don’t worry on those questions where running on your mind if your have any doubts please insert on Comment box..

1337x Founded in 2017 on starting with a low competitor will also reach short results under more popularity in 2018 had done its position in torrents sites where 6th position at a time in best torrent sites list. Later blocked by many countries but still have a chance to utilize 1337X sites you can get similar sites to get complete access without any negativity, you can see below top listed sites. You can find more domains under 1337X, you can also use them if you face any problem with any domain you can go with another website and all are SSL certified domain with high speed. There are many sites founded after blocking original sites under your country so, you can find similar sites below this and before using those sites please check that torrent site is permitted in your location if it does not then ride by using VPN while downloading and using any torrent links. 133.tw, 1337x.to, 1337xto.to, 1337x.one, 1337x.am…..

Best Popular and 100% Working 1337x Proxy/Mirror Sites & Status

Try one of the 1337x proxy sites below for full 1337x access.
1337x proxy are tested every hour for availability and sorted by speed and status. A list of all unblocked 1337x proxy sites


How to Unblock torrent Website - 1337x, 1337x.to

There are many methods that have for unblocking 1337x torrent sites. But here we guide only very simple and top worthy methods to unblock any website…. Virtual private network (VPN), Tor Browser & Web proxy on of them Or  CroxyProxy, kproxy,  hidemyass.com, proxysite.com, filterbypass.me, free-proxy.com

Here you should have some knowledge about these methods if you want to unblock. Here our team members shared complete information regarding unblocking any website… But Before starting this process use Virtual private network (VPN).

This VPN’s or proxy sites act as a middleman between you and the website and efficiently hide your IP address. Moreover you can choose modify the information you want VPN to show to the targeted website by changing user agent.

Also you can enjoy another opportunity that user can  delete their cookies anytime for greater anonymity and there is no need to install any proxy software or vpn service just Google it.

By using proxies & VPNs, you can move freely like anonymous which allows all over the world to bypass internet filters and enjoy unrestricted browsing.Unlike other web proxies/VPNs which support all major streaming portals such as Youtube and Dailymotion.Enjoy being able to unblock your favorite social networks such as Facebook ,Twitter or VK with a simple click as well as search engines like Google.

Let us unite to combat oppression and internet censorship and surf the internet anonymously.Wikipedia is currently blocked in Turkey and Venezuela but its accessible to all with our online proxy/VPNs.

 Download the best and worthy VPN help you use the internet securely and get around blocked websites, Here by selecting the best one, which provides complete access the freshest films and shows or files in foreign Netflix catalogues, stream in safety and much, much more.

An abbreviation of Virtual Private Network, Always keeps you more secure and speedy also will see your IP address in hide to a secure server, this will help you to be anonymous in online and lets you effectively trick your laptop or mobile device into thinking its in another location. Normally you can use VPN & Tor Browser to unblock from your Internet Protocol (IP). The Web proxy is another good option for you if you don’t want to use it before two methods. 

If There Is Any Problem With Proxies You Can Clear It Easily | Solution

While using proxy servers you may face errors most of this occurs in the Firewalls, because they became very smart in catching this type of proxies and block them easily. To unblock those sites should use VPNs it became mandatory.

They are some Free Proxies And VPNs without any problem select them. Having high speed and secure 100%.

VPNs Can become simply encrypt your traffic and locate all of it by there own servers, by this process any networks can’t search and detect much easier. Most of the proxies work from P2P or torrent connection but not VPN sites because they do not belong to this field like The firewall only want to know traffic route but VPNs set it in the wrong route and make to detection uneasy.

Simple Steps To Unblock 1337x with VPNs:

    1. Download any VPN extensions…
    2. Give permission to add to Chrome and Enable it…
    3. Now you can start ride safely in any one of 1337x proxy or mirror sites…

kickass torrentz2 download

KickAss torrents is it search engine???

No, it just performs customizable searches its never work as a real search engine in this, you can have a chance to share their video and audio clips over the torrent portal also can monitor submissions to verify their safety truly.

Similar like a KickAss torrentz2

  • They have some similar servers in that Pirate Bay, really an excellent alternative to Torrentz2 and Even popular,  never face any problem. ( Free service )
  • RARBG Server “100% Really Safe” many people love to use it daily, in this can gather complete content which is filtered and all secure for kids. Completely offered as a torrentz2. ( Free service )
  •  1337 server which having similar to Torrentz2 because have the TV shows and I really like watching.

About Torrent

One most popular server in a search engine to browse and download torrent file document also can share p2p. Moreover, before it shut down it was an alert to as the Google of torrents. Before that, you should know that original torrentz has closed long back ago, presently legacy still continues with a different name called as 1337X/torrentz2. Because the 1337X website has Blocked from Google. By some of the issues it closed and a team of fans other enthusiasts came with a new website like the latest version https://1337x.io

Popular websites unblocked

Below are some of the most popular sites that can be unblocked with our Free Web Proxy. Be careful when downloading anything online without a VPN, your location and IP are exposed. To improve your security, we highly recommend using a VPN such as PureVPN.com


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Popular websites unblocked

. A list of all unblocked 1337x proxy sites. Be careful when downloading...

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